How solar panels panels benefits benefits environment?

Yes, solar helps the environment. For every 1MWh of PV solar energy produced by your system, this alleviates the need to burn fossil fuels which release approximately 830kg of CO2 green house gas equivalent.

PV systems can be located just about anywhere. Their great advantage is that they can not only be installed as large centralised power plants, just like conventional power stations, they can also be installed and distributed as micro generating power stations such as domestic systems on the roofs of houses all over the country and cities. This has the added economic benefit in that PV can be produced at the point of consumption.

Do we get any rebate rebate from government?

With the assistance of government incentives that aim to stimulate growth in the PV industry and drive costs down to ultimately reach “grid-parity”, the affordability,I.e. economics of PV, based on initial investment and ongoing operational costs is being more attractive day by day. Solar power increases the value of your home, and will save you money on your power bill.

Common household electricity usage?

-From the following piechart you can try and get a picture of what the main power consumers in your home is. As you can see nearly 1/3 of all the electricity that a home uses goes to space heating, and another 12 percent goes to the heating of water. If you are able to find other sources of heat for your home like perhaps an solar water heater, this will make solar panels even more viable for a system that is completely independant of the utility grid.

How much electricity will a Solar energy system produce?

The amount of solar electricity generated obviously depends on the number of panels on your roof, weather conditions and any shading or dust which may settle on your solar panels.


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Power Your Home with Beautiful Solar

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